If you use MS Word: Insert --> Image --> Diagram. A new window will open, in which you can add new values in the cells, or even add/delete rows and columns. Check what happens (after you have typed enter each time).

Then, if you right-click on the image, you are offered formating options. Just experiment yourself and try out as many options as you can! It is certainly worth for whatever future task you will ever need to solve.

As long as this extra window with the values is open, the menu bar contains additional items. Check for instance the "diagram" menu. That is where you can turn the bar diagram into a pie diagram, etc.

If you have closed the data window, double click on the diagram, and it will reappear. If you don't want to start with the data offered by Word, then first create a table with the values you need to visualize (Table --> Insert table, etc.), then highlight some part of the table (turn it black with the mouse), and then go for Insert --> Image --> Diagram.

Both for tables and diagrams, you can highlight them and use the Format --> object option to change colors, borders, etc.

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