There will be a practicum on weeks 9-14. The practicum time of week 15 will be reserved to the final assignment.

The goal of the practica is to give the students the opportunity to make their assignments under better conditions: the computers are reserved to them only and they can receive help from the instructor. Otherwise the only requirement in this concern is that the students must hand in their solutions the latest by the beginning of the next practicum, either made during the practicum time or not. Participation in the practicum is compulsory only in the first few weeks, when the solutions should be presented personally, and not sent via email.


You will be able to collect a maximum of 100 points during the course. The final grade is the sum of the points, divided by ten. One gets the higher grade only from .51 (e.g. 5.51): in other words, an average of .50 (e.g. 5.50) still results in the lower grade.