Class RulesOfMovingExamples

  extended by hu.birot.OTKit.performance.RulesOfMovingExamples

public class RulesOfMovingExamples
extends java.lang.Object

This class contains static methods that return instances of RulesOfMoving, which can be used in different simulations.

Field Summary
static double EPSILON
          A constant used to avoid errors due to inexact floating point arithmetic.
Constructor Summary
Method Summary
static RulesOfMoving hillClimbing()
static RulesOfMoving simulatedAnnealing()
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Field Detail


public static final double EPSILON

A constant used to avoid errors due to inexact floating point arithmetic. If the difference of two values of type double is less than EPSILON, then they are considered equal.

EPSILON = 10^(-9) = 0.000000001.

It is only used when t.range is compared to the K-value of the fatal constraint in SA-OT. Moreover, it is important only if K_step is not an integer. In this case, however, it plays a crucial role, because you do not want floating point arithmetic to create a situation in which t.range == 0.999999999999985 < K-value of fatal constraint == 1.00000.

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Constructor Detail


public RulesOfMovingExamples()
Method Detail


public static RulesOfMoving hillClimbing()


public static RulesOfMoving simulatedAnnealing()