Learning Meets Acquisition

The learnability of linguistic frameworks
from formal and cognitive perspectives


A workshop ('Arbeitsgruppe') to be held at the 31st yearly meeting of the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Sprachwissenschaft (DGfS) in Osnabrück, Germany (March 4-6, 2009).

German website and English website of the 31st DGfS meeting.



Contact information:

     lma dot dgfs at gmail dot com

Diana Apoussidou:
     University of Amsterdam (d dot apoussidou at uva dot nl)
     University of Massachusetts Amherst (dapou1 at linguist dot umass dot edu)

Tamás Biró:
     University of Groningen (t dot s dot biro at rug dot nl)
     Eötvös Loránd University (birot at nytud dot hu)