Learning Meets Acquisition

The learnability of linguistic frameworks
from formal and cognitive perspectives


A workshop ('Arbeitsgruppe') to be held at the 31st yearly meeting of the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Sprachwissenschaft (DGfS) in Osnabrück, Germany (March 4-6, 2009).

German website and English website of the 31st DGfS meeting.




Papers presented at the workshop:

Bruce Tesar: Learning Phonological Grammars for Output-Driven Maps (presentation pdf)

Frans Adriaans, Natalie Boll-Avetisyan & René Kager: Abstract phonotactic constraints for speech segmentation: evidence from human and computational learners (presentation pdf)

Frédéric Mailhot: Inducing vowel harmony from iterated learning over noisy data with Bayesian agents (presentation pdf)

Tamás Biró: Performance of Learning & Learning from Performance (presentation pdf)

Roeland Hancock & Thomas G. Bever: Extrinsic and intrinsic constraints on language acquisition – language acquisition as a series of revolutions (presentation pdf)

Çağrı Çöltekin: Unsupervised learning of a highly lexicalized grammar (presentation pdf)

Diana Apoussidou: Learning allomorphy (presentation pdf)

Lisa Pearl: Parametric linguistic systems: the limits of probabilistic learning for realistic data (presentation pdf, and article draft)

Stefan Müller: Learnability of phrasal patterns (related article)

Maren Pannemann: Determiner Phrase Acquisition at the Syntax-Phonology Interface (presentation pdf)

Aleksandra Zaba: On the relation between cognitive biases, learnability, and typological frequency: the case of vowel and consonant harmony (presentation pdf)

Jacolien van Rij-Tange, Petra Hendriks & Hedderik van Rijn: Using cognitive models to study the acquisition of pronoun comprehension (presentation pdf)

Jos de Bruin, Jacqueline van Kampen & Remko Scha: Two acquisition paradoxes: a computational simulation

Giorgio Magri: A convergent version of the GLA which performs both promotion and demotion

Gaja Jarosz: Effects of lexical frequency and phonotactics on learning of morphophonological alternations (presentation pdf)

Paul Boersma: Category emergence in OT